Bathtub Disposable Strainer & Plug – Surprise Pack


SINK SKIN™ is an innovative, disposable bathtub strainer that allows you to avoid the unpleasant task of cleaning the strainer and touching hair and slime. Made of hydrophobic & durable material, it can be used once and discarded, or for up to month before replacing.

What’s in the Box?

– Bathtub strainer – 35 pcs
– Bathtub plug – 15 pcs

Design: At least 5 Random Designs & Colors 


SINK SKIN™ bathtub strainer will help you keep your drain free of hair and waste without the messy job of cleaning the strainer. And that’s not all! You’ll also enjoy a variety of new, stylish colors and designs for your bathtub every time you replace the strainer or plug.

SINK SKIN™ Bathtub plug does not allow bacteria and mold to accumulate. Use it to keep your plug clean and your bathtub sanitary!
If you have a broken automatic bath tub, Sink Skin™ is the solution for you.

SINK SKIN™ comes in a range of colors and designs, and brings style with a smile to the kitchen or bathroom.

 What makes Sink Skin so good?
  • Wide Rim – collects more waste then ever
  • Extremely Thin – the waste just washes in easily
  • Finger Lifter – for hassle-free lifting
  • Hydrophobic Material – the wet waste washes out easily without clinging to the strainer (in cases you prefer to clean the strainer, rather than trash it).
  • Environmental Friendly – Recyclable polymer with low carbon footprint.
  • Social responsibility – we provide gainful employment for people with disabilities.

SINK SKIN™ will keep your bathtub and kitchen sink clean, fresh and beautiful.

Once you try it, you’ll never go back.

Additional information

Weight 0.55 lbs
Dimensions 5.9 × 5.9 × 2.4 in

Random Colors


Random Design

Drain Diameter

1.5" / 3.5cm


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