Cleaning and disposing the waste that accumulates in the sink & bathtub straines, is a messy task.
This is why we invented SINK SKIN.

Just use, remove & Replace.
Without any mess.

SINK SKIN™ The Disposable Sink Strainer For the Kitchen and Bath

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The New Collection of Sink Strainers is Here


SINK SKIN™ keeps your sink and bathtub clean, minimizes contact with waste and prevents blockages & plumbing repair costs while adding a new, stylish & decorative look to kitchen and bathroom.

SINK SKIN™ is designed to solve most of the known problems of the strainers on the market, in all aspects of function and design.


  • Wide Rim - collects more waste then ever
  • Extremely Thin - the waste just washes in easily
  • Finger Lifter - for hassle-free lifting
  • Hydrophobic Material - the wet waste just washes out easily (when cleaning the strainer)


  • Disposable
  • No more dirty and rusty strainers in your house!
  • Reduces contact with waste, thanks to a unique
    & smart design


  • Printable
  • Growing collection of patterns and designs


  • Recyclable
  • Package made of recycled materials
  • Low Carbon Footprint
  • Durable - can be used for up to 2 weeks
    before discarding
  • Less than 200gr plastic use per year
    (Calculated as 1pc per week)
  • Optimized packaging reduces shipping volumes and the product's Carbon Footprint

Our Strainers & Plugs

Kitchen Sink Strainer 3.5" / 8.5cm

Kitchen Strainer 3.5" / 8.5cm

- For American Kitchen Sinks

Kitchen Sink Strainer 2" / 5.1cm

Kitchen Strainer 2" / 5.1cm

- For European Kitchen Sinks

Bathtub Plug 1.5" For Bathtubs (universal)

Bathtub Strainer 1½''

- For Bathtubs (universal)

Bathtub Plug 1.5" For Bathtubs (universal)

Bathtub Plug 1½''

- For Bathtubs (universal)

The New Collection Of Sink Strainers